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Media-screen Management
Raspberry PI4 based indoor advertising project. The system includes centralized content management UI and client devices. It is able to demonstrate slides, videos, marque, and play audio files separately. Also, the user can set a specific display template sequence. The whole
network sync-time is about 10-15 mins.
e-Vehicle Engine Control Unit
The results of this project were Engine Control Unit (ECU) board and controlling software for electric vehicles such as trams, tеrolleys, electric cars, trains, etc. ECU has been successfully tested and sent to the production side.

  • ARM controllers used;
  • CAN bus used for communication with car electronic devices;
  • Compact layout;
  • High output power;
  • Good heat dissipation, overall great cooling efficiency;
  • Increased engine power 40 kWt;
  • Overheating and overload protection;
  • Energy recuperation;
Energy Storage
Energy storage management SW optimizes system performance, supports complex applications, and future-proofs energy storage systems against technological changes. Thus, the SW improves ROI and lowers system risk, helping storage proliferate and become a critical element of the modern grid.
Remote Data Collection
The solution allows the customer to collect anonymized user data and build traffic information based on real-time and predicted data. Further collected data is used to forecast traffic and build logistic routes for the in-car navigation system.
3ph Managed Power Supply
An industrial power supply unit with 220/380/410V input voltage range. It can be widely used for secondary industrial automation equipment which requires a high-quality power source.
Output power about 3kWt and regulated voltage output 0,5 to 12V provides the ability to use this Power Supply in galvanic, spot welding, battery charging, etc. On the other side, Power Supplies can be combined to increase output power and voltage.

  • PSU does NOT depend on:
    1. changes or absence of one or two phases, with the indication and notification;
    2. absence of a zero;
  • Ethernet (or RS232, RS485, CAN bus) controlled: it's easy to observe a load for each phase and current output power remotely;
  • Supports self-diagnostics and reporting;
  • Supports hot-swap: in some configurations, PSU can be replaced without power outage;
  • 1 or 3 phase input supply;
  • Access to a battery that works as an alternative power source in case of electricity loss;
  • Overload and overheating protection;
  • The constant voltage at the output;
  • Quick power supply replacement option. Intended for systems that require reliable protection from electricity loss, and those that use more than two power supplies;
  • A good fit for all secondary electric power supply systems;
Industrial & Home automation
PLC-panel for controlled devices was set up on Lviv's local fabrics for wood window production. Automation controls wood drying oven, ventilation, pressure in air tanks, water level, and pressure. Remote report & control provides safety for employers and utility usage optimization.
Some parts of this solution were specially designed for the technological process of the company. All of them were implemented on custom hardware and Embedded Linux.
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