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Three Phase Managed Power Supply

Silinexx developed three-phase industrial power supply with 220/380/410V input range.

Key facts about this project:

Three Phase Managed Power Supply

Engineering sample

  • PSU does NOT depend on:
    • changes or absence of one or two phases, with indication
    • absence of a zero
    • changes of sequence of phases
  • Product can be widely used for secondary industrial automation equipment which requires high quality power supply
  • Ethernet (or RS232, RS485, CAN bus) controlled: it’s easy to observe a load for each phase and current output power remotely
  • Supports self-diagnostics and reporting
  • Supports hot swap: PSU can be replaced without power outage
  • The product is passing alpha testing stage at the moment

Power supply provides:

  • One to three phase input supply
  • Access to a battery that works as an alternative power source in case of electricity loss
  • Overload and overheating protection
  • Constant voltage at the output
  • Quick power supply replacement option. Intended for systems that require reliable protection from electricity loss, and those that use more than two power supplies
  • A good fit for all secondary electric power supply systems

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