Silinexx: Embedded Systems & Product Development Consulting

Technical consultancy

Silinexx brings both in-depth knowledge and practical experience in development of different hardware

All our consultants possess more than 10 years of experience – we definitely have a lot to share with you!
All the advice we provide is completely independent and unbiased.

You can be rest assured that the tools or techniques we advise will benefit your project.

Most frequently our consultants are hired by the following organizations:

  • Technical startups
  • IT companies whose primary specialization is not hardware development
  • Organizations assessing technology and staff
  • Organizations which require custom software solutions


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Our embedded system consultants can help you make key decisions about selecting system core (chip, SoC, module), Firmware or Operating System usage, development tools, hardware / software partitioning and which development processes to adopt. We possess SIGNIFICANT experience with:

  • Platforms: custom chip firmware, Linux, OpenWRT, QNX, Embedded Linux, Windows
  • SoCs and Microcontrollers: Atheros, MTK, STM, Atmel, Microchip and other
  • Languages: C / C++, Python, Shell scripting, JavaScript, HTML / CSS, LUA
  • Communications: WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID, Legacy and industrial Ethernet, Fiber optics, UART, RS232, RS485, CAN, I2C, SPI, etc.