Embedded Engineering is the world’s most progressive area of developments. Today the absolute majority of microprocessors are produced as parts of embedded systems. That is why Embedded Systems Development is the mainstream activity of Silinexx. We produce microcontrollers and processors to make automatic systems work effectively. The interfaces of our products are thought in terms of customer usability. Implementation of each project in this sphere requires combined efforts of specialists in various IT fields. This kind of work consists of the following three big parts:

  • Hardware Development
    This is the stage of creating basic electronic elements and the collection of physical elements that comprise an integrated computer systems.
  • Firmware Development
    The firmware provides control, monitoring, and data manipulation of engineered products and systems.
  • Software Development

The embedded software’s principal task is the interaction with the physical world, Mechanisms, and Processes.

Each of these parts includes quality assurance and control. Taking responsibility for the client’s success, comfort, and safety which depend on our products, we pay close attention to reliability, safety, and accuracy. We carry out development of software / hardware projects from the specification of the devices operation to final production of technical solution, which best matches the specific objective. Client support after product release is also evidence of our responsible work ethics. Silinexx provides guarantee of confidentiality in all our projects.


The advantage of Silinexx in the sphere of Software Development is our competency in all-in-one design and development of devices: from customer’s request for functionality to creating the final product, including both hardware and software. These experiences and skills allow us to produce qualitative products and unique services tailored to the requirements of each customer.

We offer high-quality:

  • Firmware Development
  • Sensing controlling device firmware update
  • Application development
  • Device Driver Development (UNIX, Linux, QNX and Embedded Windows)
  • Management software development
  • User Interfaces (QT, wxWidgets, MFC)


Silinexx can effectively resolve both one-component and multiple errors. We also deal with problems relating to human factors, changes in requirements, and porting the existing function of devices for compatibility with other platforms.

The results are achieved through a proven method:

  • Following the system checklist.
  • Analyzing symptoms and factors.
  • Performing checks for common issues.
  • Isolating the source of the problem.
  • Defining an action plan.
  • Consulting technical support resources.


PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) are used for mechanic support and electrical connection of electronic components. As PCB are the integral parts of embedded systems and are used in many of our products, Silinexx has great experience in this area and offers design, development, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and maintenance of electronic circuits and PCB.

The important advantage is our ability to create device schematics and PCB layouts without the device’s prototyping. Accordingly, the client receives ready for mass production schematic source files and Gerber files.


Silinexx is experienced in the creation of device prototypes (based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Cubie Board, Olinuxino, etc.) with various types of peripherals.
As a result, the client gets a fully featured setup including:

  • One or two core boards with peripherals and the possibility of interactions between each other
  • Different online connectivity options: no online connectivity, simple connectivity, advanced connectivity with client/server or internal server support
  • Demo software application


Silinexx has over 10 years of experience in embedded engineering. Our professional team of architects, programmers, QAs, and integrators is always ready to help customers with difficult and challenging tasks. We bring IoT products to the market with high quality software infrastructure in the shortest period of time.Software development for IoT includes many different steps. Silinexx covers all aspects and provides only high quality services:

  • Hardware prototyping
  • Firmware development (for sensors and controlling devices)
  • Setting up cloud infrastructure and APIs
  • Building connectivity: Machine-to-Machine (M2M), device to device, device to cloud, device to smartphone, custom communication protocols
  • Building proper data visualisation
  • Configuring or developing software to monitor, analyse data, and control devices