Silinexx: Quality Assurance & Control Services

Software / Hardware Testing

While preparing new product to release, its functionality and serviceability are of high importance. That’s why Silinexx can exercise your product’s functionality throughout the entire development cycle – alpha, beta and RTM (golden master) phases of development.

Silinexx Quality Assurance engineers usually starts with developing comprehensive test plans. We can prepare a detailed test strategy and plan or use already existing one provided by the client.


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Our dedicated test team can handle all the testing process for your hardware and software solutions. Silinexx provides the following types of testing:testing

  • Functionality testing – to verify that functionality of your product matches the specification
  • Compatibility (interoperability) testing – is performed to make sure your product functions in its targeted use environment (e.g. operating systems, different platforms, chipsets, manufacturers, etc.) and collaborates correctly with other products in the “real world”
  • Performance testing – be sure the system performs fast enough and meets the performance requirements according to specs
  • Usability testing – independent analysis of a product in terms of easiness to use
  • Automation testing – allows you to perform repetitive testing quickly and easily by scripting
  • Competitive analysis testing – compare your products with direct and indirect competitors in the marketplace