Are you faced with any of the following challenges?

  • Core team spending too much time in non-core development
  • Looking for short term help – not wanting to hire full time employees
  • Difficulty in meeting time-to-market demands
  • Difficulty in finding hardware product development or specialized embedded systems expertise
  • Local R&D costs too high and needing to partially or completely outsource R&D to offshore companies
  • Product needing to support too many operating system & OS versions

Concentrate on the idea’s improvement while our specialists work the technical side over. We provide full R&D services that include on-site and off-site development, technology and process support, as well as board level troubleshooting. Our offer ranges across different industries:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive electronics
  • Monitoring & diagnostic equipment
  • Industrial automation
  • Multimedia electronic devices
  • Data and telecommunications


Projects with high state of risk require deeper analysis and research. We work with new projects and technologies that have not yet reached the general public and support launched startups as well.

Services for technical startups:

  • Research and technical consulting
  • Assistance in creating and testing device prototypes
  • Analysis of information on all stages of development and manufacturing
  • Mass production preparation
  • Post production support.

Silinexx can also support non-technical startups with:

  • Validating your business idea from a technical perspective
  • Consulting on ways of increasing efficiency of workflow
  • Technical solutions for idea implementation (integral automated systems or their separate elements, e.g. sensors, actuators, controllers etc.)
  • Software for existing automated systems