Silinexx: Research & Development Services

Research and development

integrated-circuit-441294_640Are you faced with any of the following challenges?

  • Local R&D costs are too high and you would like to partially or completely outsource R&D to offshore company
  • Your product needs to support too many operating system & OS versions
  • You’re having difficulty in finding hardware product development or specialized embedded systems expertise
  • You’re just looking for short term help – do not want to hire full time employees
  • Core team is spending too much time in non-core development
  • Your company is spending R&D resources on maintenance and support
  • It’s difficult to meet the time-to-market demands


Silinexx can definitely help! Contact our consulting team today to get started


integrated-circuit-441291_640We provide full R&D services that include on-site and off-site development, technology and process support as well as board level troubleshooting. Our offer ranges across different industries:

  • consumer electronics
  • automotive electronics
  • monitoring & diagnostic equipment
  • industrial automation
  • multimedia electronic devices
  • data and telecommunications