Quality assurance is performed in order to check the device compliance with the declared parameters, functionality, and requirements. We use:

  • Platform compatibility checking tests
  • Input/output signals emulation/analyzing for HW testing
  • Unit testing
  • Physical device testing / manual testing
  • Continuous integration systems
  • Functional testing
  • Hardware emulation and other methods of software and hardware testing.


Code inspection aims to test the quality of code or to detect and investigate the issue before this piece of code will be delivered. This method allows us to avoid many issues on code compile stages and provide high quality of delivered code for the end Client.
In studying System performance we apply:

  • Modeling
  • Simulation
  • Measurement

to check availability, response time, processing speed, channel capacity, latency, bandwidth, and other indicators.

System performance analysis can not only detect faults, but also see the field for improvement.


Silinexx can effectively resolve both one-component and multiple errors. We also deal with problems relating to human factors, changes in requirements, and porting the existing function of devices for compatibility with other platforms.

The results are achieved through a proven method:

  • Following the system checklist.
  • Analyzing symptoms and factors.
  • Performing checks for common issues.
  • Isolating the source of the problem.
  • Defining an action plan.
  • Consulting technical support resources.


Full-scale cooperation with Silinexx has many advantages. One of them is a reliable, after-release customer support on favorable terms. Ordering our products, you get not only qualitative devices and software, but also:

  • Quality assurance
  • Help in manufacturing
  • Technical inspections
  • All levels of technical support

In case your products need to be tested, we can conclude a separate agreement on technical support, including Tier-3 level.