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  • IoT & IIoT
  • Harman Becker car TV


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: GERMANY Development of client side tool for testing, control, and service car TV tuners for Windows platforms. OUR TASKS Maintain UI forms Implement UI form controls functionality Integrate UI with other parts of the application Client support YEAR: 2008 TAGS Windows x86/x64, C++, BOOST, GTest/GMock, CMake, Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017, GIT, SCRUM/Kanban,

    Wireless Micro Access Point Plugin


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: GERMANY Wi-Fi micro access point for oce and meeting rooms with extended wireless access. It was designed as a separate plugin device. OUR TASKS Develop whole system architecture Hardware architecture design (Wi-Fi based on SoC) using I2C, SPI, GPIO, UART sensor communication protocols Customized OpenWRT build system for new hardware Customized OpenWRT

    High Capacity Telecom Equipment


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: USA Network application stack development for telecom equipment. OUR TASKS Developed configuration tools for VLAN, STP, LLDP, LAG, LACP Networking protocols Developed northbound API for SDN analog system Developed engine for SNMP and CLI Participated in LLDP, LAG, LACP network protocols implementation TAGS C/C++, Python, Linux, XML, protobuf, 0-mq.

    Wireless Access Point (P2P, P2Mp)


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: NORWAY Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint hi speed (up to 1.5 Gbps) WiFi AP (2,5/5 GHz). AP allow to organize wireless access user access to provider network. Also it gives an ability to organize distributed WDS WIFI network. OUR TASKS Develop whole system architecture Customize OpenWRT build system Integrate new packages to OpenWRT

    Routing tool


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: USA Porting of Software Network Router System (SNRS) to new HW independent platform and implement a new functionality. OUR TASKS Develop whole system architecture Customize SNRS build system Integrate new features to SNRS Develop SNRS configuration interface Writing HLD, DLD, and other project documentation ACCOMPLISHMENTS Successfully integrated Performance measurement tools into

    Navigation Systems


    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: GERMANY Solutions for processing and distribution of traffic information to end-users and services. Cartography domain. OUR TASKS Integrate existing framework with 3rd party SDK Maintain integration tests Performance measurement system architecture design and implementation Performance gaps detection, investigation and fix proposal Manage CI system Writing HLD, DLD, and other project documentation

    Industrial & Home automation

    IoT & IIoT

    PROJECT DESCRIPTION   COUNTRY: UKRAINE Complex solutions for industrial and home automation System core development and support New feature integration OUR TASKS Global system design HW/SW development and implementation AWS services integration System internal connection protocols development UI concept and backend architecture RESULTS Successfully integrated Hybrid MQTT into the product Successfully designed and implemented product-specific