Silinexx: Expertize: Programming languages


C / C++

We are implementing C/C++ projects of various complexity and provide a full SDLC including requirements gathering, analysis of business processes, creation of tnim5
technical specifications, design development, systems implementation, testing, and maintenance.

This technology allows us to create a variety of applications, drivers, applications for embedded systems, servers, as well as entertainment streaming applications, real-time systems, client-server systems, monitoring and control systems, etc.

Technological expertise of our C/C++ professionals include:

  • Compilers: GNU C/C++ (gcc), Ansi C/C++, MS Visual C++
  • Frameworks and libraries: GDK, GTK+, wxWidgets, Qt, libXML, ZeroMQ, Sockets, etc.
  • Operating Systems: Linux/Embedded, Linux/Unix, POSIX, QNX, OpenWRT, Windows, other


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Silinexx delivers a wide range of custom Python solutions, sophisticated web portals and next gen apps, whether they are critical to your business or are aimed at improving experience and presence. We choose Python when it comes to building custom web solutions and quick prototyping. Powerful frameworks like Django, Zope, Pyramid, Flask allow us to create feature-rich demos and prototypes with possibility of future extension.


Shell scripting

Scripting can provide a dramatic increase in productivity over traditional compiled languages (compared to C/C++/Java) for embedded systems, where a designed-for-embedded scripting language such as Bash, Jim Tcl or Lua can significantly increase productivity and reduce time to market. Typical applications of shell scripting for embedded systems include automation of repeating tasks, startup routines, testing, interactive CLI scripts and many others. Our experts are ready to help you with shell scripting tasks of any complexity – contact us today and get a FREE 1 hour consultation on embedded scripting.


HTML / CSS / JavaScript

computer-1209641_640We use HTML / CSS / JS to create Web UI for various embedded devices. Web based user interface for embedded system is a great choice because:

  • Works on almost any system – only web browser and network connection are needed
  • High degree of flexibility and lowest costs (comparing to non-web UI frameworks) to build and make changes in UI
  • Browser allows to create rich interfaces
  • Relies only on popular and widely used web technologies and languages





Lua was designed to fill the same need as Tcl originally had – as an embeddable language in a host application. Being robust, fast and embeddable language, Lua can generate bytecode that can be executed directly, which makes it interesting to be able to compile scripts on a host systems and embed the resulting byte code in the application. Looking for LUA experts? Great news – you are in the right place – contact us to get started.


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