Silinexx: turnkey product development for startups

For Startups

We are always ready to discuss all ideas of our customers and then turn them into commercial products for the global market.

Silinexx carries both your devices and software through the entire development cycle. You can see step-by-step how your ideas materialize into commercial success. As a result, our clients not only get quality electronic engineering services, but also a competing product for sale in their target markets.


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Our company makes new devices both from scratch and based on the existing platforms. Electronic engineering based on the existing platforms contributes to reducing costs, risks, and time to market.

Turnkey contract electronics development

Turnkey electronics development process


Silinexx differs from the average electronic development companies of a kind. Since we want to bring value to the world, we do more than just offer engineering services. Our main concern is the commercial success of our clients’ products. Therefore, we assess every project through the lense of business and technology.

Silinexx - products for various market sectors

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