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Electric Car Engine Control Unit

Silinexx has designed and built engine control unit board and controlling software, which are being tested in real vehicles right now.

Electro Car Engine Control Unit

Key facts about this project:

  • ARM controllers used
  • CAN bus used for communication with car electronic devices
  • Very compact layout
  • High output power
  • Good heat dissipation, overall great cooling efficiency

We developed the elemental base. We met the customer’s requirements:

  • Maximum heat emission, minimal heating
  • Minimum mass of the entire system
  • Maximum engine power 40 kW
  • Maximum product cost saving
  • Overheating and overload protection
  • Transmitting data from controller to the source driver
  • Energy recuperation

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Electric bus

The product can be used in trams, tеrolleybuses, electric cars, minecarts, trains