Silinexx: Cooperation models: Dedicated Team, Fixed Price, Service Packages, Pilot project

Business models

Understanding that every project is unique and being a flexible outsourcing supplier, we can customize our basic business models business-idea-1553769_640
to meet your specific requirements. We strongly believe that a successful outsourcing experience is a result of thorough planning and strategy development in regard to project implementation and management techniques.

We provide full cycle of software and hardware development, consulting, maintenance, troubleshooting and support. 


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Dedicated team

We are ready to dedicate a team of specialists to your project. You can give individual consideration to each candidate and, depending on their skill sets, offer differentiated pay. Dedicated development center model proves to be a success giving tangible benefits in software development cost savings. Best choice for product development based on agile methodology and iterative processes like SCRUM.

Fixed Price projects

Fixed price model is the best fit for the projects that:

  • are medium or small in size;
  • have clearly defined requirements;
  • have medium technological complexity;
  • have a moderate level of development risks.

Team extension

We provide a team or individual developers to complement your project team with required technology skills. Furthermore, our experienced consultants can guide you through the path of software development and help you find the best decisions for your business.


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