We want to provide you with full information about all details. That is why we would ask you to answer for a few questions. A brief will help us understand your requirements and provide a step of instructions or features needed to complete the project.


1.Your idea to describe benefits for end users.

2.Your vision of the project to understand the common picture.


1.Do you have any sketches, diagrams or wireframes to help illustrate your vision for your project? If so, please, include or attach it.

2.If you have any initial ideas or suggestions for main features of your project, please, list them in detail and in order of priority. We need to know which elements of the project you absolutely must have, aspects that would be nice to have and features that are less urgent and could be created in the future.

3.Do you need to integrate any existing systems with the new project? If so, it’s important to brief your software developer on internal systems they may not be aware of and how they can work to amalgamate them through APIs or database access, for instance.


1.What timeframe are you working with to get the project started and delivered? Do you have any restrictions? Supply dates or an estimated project timeline, if possible.

2.It’s also helpful to provide an indication of your budget for the project so the software developer can work within practical constraints. (eg. Time & Material, Fixed price, etc.)

Need a hand putting your brief together?

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